Silk scarf TWILIGHT Silk scarf TWILIGHT 2
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A silk scarf with tiny pink lightning bolts will be a unique complement to many styles. Perfect as a trouser belt, hair band, accessory tied to a purse or around the neck. Your fantasy and choice - always successful.
Scarf "lof me tender" Scarf "lof me tender" 2
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A silk scarf is the perfect addition to almost any styling. A delicate, feminine head or neck scarf makes it easy give a unique character to your look thanks to its unique structure. It gives an unusual charm and is practical for summer days, thanks to its natural material.
Belt scarf "california lof" Belt scarf "california lof" 2
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The California Lof scarf will be a great complement to almost any styling. Delicate, light silk is perfect as a scarf, headband or belt. Try, create, express yourself.
multifunctional scarf "give... multifunctional scarf "give... 2
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Give me lof - give me ideas! A silk scarf as a blouse? In how many ways can you wear it? At least a few! Maybe a skirt? Dress? Whatever you fancy! Natural, delicate material - perfect for warm summer days. There are thousands of different styles in one scarf.  The perfect option for hand luggage - thanks to one scarf you take several looks with you!

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